Dive into Your Imagination: 100 Schools 100 Days

Author, underwater photographer and filmmaker Annie Crowley had a big, hairy audacious goal: speak to 100 schools in Puget Sound in 100 days to inspire kids/teachers/families to understand the problems facing our ocean, particularly as it relates to plastics, and get them to commit to a 30-day challenge: refusing single use plastic for 30 days. Thanks to radio and TV stories secured by Lisa, Annie received many inbound requests from schools and was able to meet her goals.

“Lisa is one of the most extraordinary forces in public/media relations in the Pacific Northwest. As a matter of fact, I believe she is the best. Lisa’s network is extensive, and she has the capability to create an integrated strategy for any campaign. Professional and a pleasure to work with, Lisa dives deep into any project and researches all angles, produces compelling stories, and then pitches them to a variety of outlets. Lisa is someone I always want on my team and am always looking forward to ways to partner with this communications power house!“

Annie Crawley
Filmmaker, author, inspirational speaker, underwater photographer