Lyft “Baked” Munchies Challenge

A cooking competition a la Chopped TV show was the highly creative way to get the message out about Lyft’s joint partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation to raise awareness and roll out the word about the issue of driving high on 4/20, the unofficial national weed holiday. Members of the media, SPD, SDOT and Lyft chef-testants competed to see who could make the best dish using a variety of munchies such as Funyuns, Cheetos and Chex Mix. Spirits ran high and the competition was fierce but in the end KOMO TV’’s Denise Whitaker and her team took home the prize with their hush puppies much to the dismay of Lester Black at The Stranger: I Made French Fries So You Won’t Drive High on 4/20. SDOT and Lyft Were Involved.

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