Making a Splash

Samuelson Communications has been the agency of record for the Seattle Boat Show for 14 years. The largest boat show on the west coast and the third largest in North America, the challenge is to keep the media interested in covering an annual event and finding new angles to entice them.

From taking a reporter on an amphibious ATV demo to commandeering a helicopter to drop off media onto the helipad of a $25M yacht to getting pro wakeboarders to teach a reporter wakeboard tricks on a trampoline, Lisa knows how to make a splash, create visual stories, keep sponsors happy and drive event attendance.

Year in and year out Lisa has consistently delivered stellar media results in trade publications, local print and online, and TV and radio on all major local news stations. The 2019 show was featured in 92+ different stories (television, radio, print, online, social/influencers) with an estimated publicity value of $395,000.

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