If I had a hammer…

Samuelson Communications has been a long-time partner with The Rhizome Collaborative, collaborating on brand, messaging and PR projects for a diverse set of clients including The Gear Works, TSI, Dakota Specialty Milling and SK Food Group. When The Rhizome Collaborative founder and creative director Jen Pennington brought her team together for a retreat and to do some business planning, she enlisted Lisa’s services as the facilitator. 

Jen knew that over the years Lisa has conducted hundreds of qualitative brand interviews and is a skilled listener, adept at the art of the open-ended question and drilling down to get to the heart of issues. She knew she’d get just the right amount of insight, coaxing, prodding and guidance from Lisa for her retreat. Little did Jen know that Lisa would start the day by tossing out her agenda and throwing down a challenge – should Rhizome Design be renamed?  After the gauntlet was thrown what ensued was a day of spirited and thoughtful conversation, some deep biz soul-searching and a new way forward for Rhizome Design, now re-branded as The Rhizome Collaborative, to better reflect the company’s skills and offerings.

“I have always admired Lisa’s style because it surprises and delights people when she facilitates meetings. I learn when I watch her do it for our clients, and admitted she was right to call me on renaming my own company. I like to call Lisa our “Velvet Hammer.” She gets you to do something tough in a way that feels good. I embraced it and I loved hearing from my other associates that day. It was settled and we came to an unanimous decision to make the change. Since that retreat, we have not only renamed the company, but we have found that is truly easier to tell people who we are and what we do.”

Jen Pennington
CEO/Creative & UX Director
The Rhizome Collaborative

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