Cooking Up Results

Alaskan fisherwoman LaDonna Rose was introducing her second cookbook, Salmon Desserts & Friends but had an outdated website, confused messaging, the brand was not positioned for future books and growth and the distributor was struggling to get distribution. Lisa helped with repositioning, website design, copywriting and PR. PR successes included national and international coverage including TV appearances, Martha Stewart radio and feature stories in Where Women Cook and UK Stylist magazine. Additionally, Lisa secured author signings in local bookstores and multiple locations of a high-end gourmet grocery chain. As a result, the distributor broadened distribution to specialty grocery stores, mainstream grocery stores, cookbook stores and marinas. Book sales increased three-fold in three months.

We were impressed by the tremendous energy that Lisa brought to our marketing campaign. We leaned on her intelligence and her perceptiveness to accomplish our goals. Every area of our campaign was truly thought out as Lisa discussed each step with us so that questions would never go unanswered, and her searches always brought us to exciting new discoveries. Lisa is an outstanding writer and publicist who goes above and beyond. She is consistent, dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her; she will not disappoint and will probably exceed your expectations.”

Ole and LaDonna Gundersen
Salmon, Desserts & Friends

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